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2019 - A Good Time To Invest In Property?

2019 – A Good Time To Invest In Property?

This is the golden question for many property investors that are on the side-lined after the latest round of cooling measures that was implemented in July 2018. Will 2019 be the year to enter the property market again? Let Sghomes4u present to you some data trends and analysis

Let’s take a look at HDB Resale Price Vs Private Home Price

From the chart, it is evident that HDB prices are slipping while private home prices are rising. Situation of HDB resale prices took a hit, buyers are avoiding to buy older HDB units as most buyers feel that this will be a depreciating asset. Sellers of older HDB units commonly have to sell below market value nowadays.

Do you know that HDB upgraders form 46% of private home sales?

1 in 6 BTO flats are sold within 2 years of MOP

In the last few years, we have seen record numbers of BTO projects for HDB. There will also be a number of HDB upgraders after their MOP? Demand for private home will stay strong over the next few years.

Enbloc Liquidity flooding the market in 2019

2019 – A Good Year for Property Investors

All the cooling measures in the property market introduced by the government are not to meant to send prices down, but to moderate the property market cycle.

Next, we will take a look at the government land sales programs

Another point to take note of is the impending GST increase. GST will be raised by 2% from 2021 – 2025

Needless to say, future home prices will be higher in future!

Vacancy rates are improving in the resale market

Remember the population white papers?

Another point to consider will be the number of heating measures that the government can introduced to the market if the market over react. Loosening Loan to values, lowering ABSD, removal of SSD etc. All the cooling measures introduced can be a source of heating measure as well to spur growth in the real estate government.

In Singapore, Real estate investment always reap good return of equities and I believe that it will continue to do so in future. A property never comes cheap in Singapore. Every new launch that seems expensive now might look cheap in the future. Most of the new launch that was purchased at the point in time, the buyers have their own doubt at the price they could possibly sell in future. 10 years ago if I tell you that a condo (Parc Esta) in Eunos will be selling at more than $1600+ psf? Would you have believe it?

There is never a right time to invest in a property, if there is, I am sure that the prices will not be at this level now.

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